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Water Features

Water features are one thing most backyards are missing.  Have a look at your back yard or deck area with the landscaping you’ve already got.

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Now picture it with a waterfall, a koi pond, a fountain or a stream.  Think about how it can enhance what you’ve already got, or how it can fit in with an entire new landscape scheme and design. Imagine the soothing, relaxing gurgle of running water in the background.  Nice, huh?

When designed and built properly, water features can co-exist with nature to the point of being not only low-maintenance but low-water-usage. That means a whole mini-ecosystem that requires no chemicals, no test kits, and crystal clear water.  Depending on the design you want, they can attract birds, and support aquatic plants and fish.


Constructed from cinder blocks and dirt, a stand-alone waterfall and stream can be an inviting, charming addition to your yard.  This style of waterfall is entirely above-ground except for the disappearing reservoir, and can be customized with plants and underwater lighting for a dramatic effect.


Did you know that a 24-inch-deep pond can support fish? A pond can be incorporated into a waterfall design (providing aeration and circulation) or can stand on its own.  Ponds will require a skimmer and pump to stay healthy, but a properly designed and built pond will have its own micro-ecology of plants and beneficial bacteria to support fish life.

Streams and Rivers

Imagine a running river or stream winding its way through your back yard.  Running water will never be a haven for mosquitoes, and if the river or stream is deep enough it can maintain fish as well.  Any stream or river installation we build will be lined with rock and other landscaping (so it doesn’t just look like a ditch through your yard!).

Remember that any of these ideas can work together…streams, ponds or waterfalls…and that the only limit is your imagination.  If you’re thinking that you’d like a water feature of some type incorporated into your landscaping, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to sit down with you and draw up some plans.