How You Can Improve Your Home’s Landscape

For some people, landscaping might be a minor change to their home's look. Yet others believe that it is a complex and artistic form of expression that encompasses many advanced techniques that give the home the look of a masterpiece. Whatever landscaping means to you, try some of these tips to make the most out of what you have to get what you want! Edging is terrific not just in a general sense, but it also works to build a neat and tidy design among various beds and garden elements. The place where grass and mulch intersect is a great spot to utilize edging and create a clean and professional look. Be sure to vary the size, colors and shapes of your plantings to suit your environment. Use larger plants as anchors while scattering smaller plants around them in clusters. Place taller plants behind shorter ones to help fill the area. Using a theme, be it color or even movement based on differing levels of plants, can add interest as well. Fall colors should also be considered when … [Read more...]