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Lawn and Sod Installations

Lawn and sod installation is not an easy job. Keeping that lawn looking good in the Central Texas heat and drought is more than a matter of watering it and keeping it mowed.  If you want that lawn to thrive, you need to take a few more steps and perform some regular lawn maintenance.

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An aerator is a heavy belt-driven machine with a 24 to 36 inch wide footprint; it pulls one- to two-inch-long cores from the ground to relieve problems that come from soil compaction.  A properly aerated lawn means a lawn that absorbs water better during dry months (saving you money on your irrigation and water bills) and drains better during storms.  Soil compaction (especially with the heavy clay soils of the Austin area) means that the roots of your grass can’t get the necessary air, water and microbial activity they need to thrive.  Aeration (usually done in the spring) and fertilization can go a long way towards turning that around.

Top Dressing

Top dressing is another very effective way of reviving a lawn.  City of Austin’s compost is distilled from treated sewage sludge and recycled yard waste; it makes a great organic fertilizer for top dressing and is, of course, very cost effective.  Over time, your lawn will inevitably get depleted of the nutrients it needs to do well…an application of good old City of Austin Dillo Dirt is a very good way to restore those nutrients.

Sod Installation

Sometimes all the seeding, aerating, top dressing and watering you can do isn’t enough to revive a sickly lawn and restore an even, lush patch of green outside your door.  That’s when it’s time to consider sod installation, especially if you have kids who need a nice lush green lawn for their play area.  The first step in sod installation is going to be a comprehensive soil analysis to let you know what nutrients your soil can offer. We can install Zoysia, St Augustine, Bermuda or Buffalo grass, often with a layer of topsoil and rich soil amendments underneath.  Imagine a carpet of thriving grass where a patchy brown lawn used to be…we can do that for you!  Bear in mind that there are many factors that need to be considered when pricing a specific job, so it’s difficult to give a quote without looking at the site first.