Landscaping Austin


Landscaping design is one of our strong points at Austin Landscape Pros.  We have a trained staff of professional designers. We’re available for turnkey design and consultation for commercial and residential properties both. Having professional designers on staff is something that will expedite the whole process of seeing a project through to completion. That kind of professionalism helps ensure that everyone is completely of one mind as far as plans, and helps make sure that everyone understands the expectations that are set up. It is truly the key to a professional landscape installation.


As you probably know, the extreme heat and drought of Central Texas (along with poorly drained, heavy soils) make an Austin landscaper’s job difficult. Many species that might thrive in other areas are simply unsuitable for the Austin climate. At Austin Landscape Pros, we have an entire plant palette to choose from, including xeriscape plants, native perennials, evergreens, cactus and succulents and other drought- tolerant species. We’ll sit down with you to discuss what you’d like as far as color and landscape design, and help you draw up a landscape design that will suit your tastes and your budget.


As with ornamental and landscaping plants, some grass species can do well in the Austin climate while others won’t. We have various schedules and plans available to help you set up an irrigation and mowing schedule for your property, for residential and commercial properties both. Why not free up your time so that mowing and irrigation is one less thing for you to worry about?


One of our designers’ specialties is custom water features, which can range from a small vase to a fountain to a koi pond with a series of falls. According to your wishes and your budget, we can help you with a stunning water feature that will be the envy of everyone who sees it. Water features can add a level of charm and tranquility to your house, apartment complex or golf course that’s hard to match.