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Landscape design is where your home’s landscaping has to start. 

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Landscape design is where your home’s landscaping has to start. You can get great ideas in your head about what plants you want to use, what colors you’d like to see, what other features like rock gardens or paths or lighting you’d like, but until you start putting them down on paper, that’s all they are – ideas.

For a smaller landscaping project, you can get by with just sketching it out on a piece of paper, laying out all the plants and their locations like a schematic.  But when it’s a bigger project you’ve got in mind, it can be important to have the services of a landscape designer on hand.

Landscape designers can help you make the right calls about what species of plants you should use (an important consideration in the sometimes-brutal Central Texas climate), and their input can be invaluable when budgeting out the project (remember that landscape plants aren’t cheap!).

So when you’re making the decisions and considering where you’d like to go with your landscaping ideas, ask yourself a few questions?

  • What’s the main goal of this project?
  • Do I have any second- or third-ranked goals?
  • What kind of shape is my landscaping in now?  Do I want to replace large sections of grass with ground cover, gravel or a rock garden?
  • How does my landscape play into my plans for the rest of my home and surroundings?
  • What’s going to be the main purpose of the landscaping?  Will it be pet- and kid-friendly?  Do I want it in an area where we’ll be hanging out with or entertaining adults?

These are all things to bring to the table during your consultation with a landscape designer.  A qualified designer can also bring into account things like your soil type, your irrigation system (if any), shade and sun and existing trees or shrubs. Don’t get in over your head and just start buying plants and putting them in the ground…too often, that’s a recipe for disappointment.  We’ve got trained, experienced, qualified designers on staff who are ready to work with you and build a good working relationship that will get you the answers you need.