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Year-Round Landscaping Ideas

When we talk about landscaping, we focus on the designs and layout. Little do we know that the plants used are very important in keeping your yard colorful all throughout the year.

The plants that landscape pros use depend on the climate on your locality. But they also take into consideration your own preferences. Here are a couple of tips you might want to know about when it comes to landscaping. Whether you hire Austin landscaping experts or not, it is best to know about these pointers.

Do not miss out on annual plants. To bridge the gap between the flowering seasons of your perennial plants, put in some annual plants as well so that your yard is blooming all year long. You should also plant some evergreens and hardwoods on your garden to add color.

Landscape pros will know how to layer the plants properly. If you are doing the landscaping yourself, it could be difficult to determine which one goes in the center. Find out which plant grows tallest and shortest. The tallest ones go in the center, then the medium ones and the shortest-growing plants should be planted in the outer portion of the landscape.

Your landscaped yard shouldn’t be dominated with plants and trees. You need to find the focal point of your design and put in hardscape or water features also. This becomes the highlight of your landscape so it should also go with your outdoor decor. Fences and decks are also great add-ons on the yard.

Drought-resistant plans are recommended in the Texan weather. Not only do they outlast the hot summers in Austin, they are also low-maintenance which means you do not have to water them as frequently as other types of plants.

Consider the branching patterns of the plants you are going to use. The flowers and plants should also match the space they are growing in. You have to make sure that your landscape is in perfect harmony. Balance is important because it will affect the overall appearance of your property.

These are some of the things that you need to think about if you plan on getting your front yard landscaped. Consult landscaping pros in Austin for an estimation. It could be too much for you to handle if it’s your first time to try doing DIY landscaping. It never hurts to ask for a helping hand so that you won’t end up paying too much on the maintenance or re-landscaping if anything goes wrong.