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Landscaping Austin Texas

Landscaping in Austin can easily be the thing that sets your home apart from others in your neighborhood. Your home is your refuge from the stress and rigors of the working week, as well as being your biggest investment. Think about how landscaping can give a boost not only to your home’s property value, but to your quality of life. If you’re a business owner, think about what you’re currently paying for mowing and irrigation for a grassy area…now consider how you can save by establishing low-maintenance xeriscape areas around your property (while making it more appealing to customers).

Landscape Design

Landscape design is where all landscaping projects begin.  Between the heat and drought of a Central Texas summer and the shallow, heavy, poorly drained soil, there are many species of trees and landscape plants that simply will not thrive in our part of the country. You want some tough, hardy native plants for your Austin landscaping that will not only thrive and be attractive, but will also require little worry or maintenance on your part. We can help you with the selection of those plants as well as an attractive, customized design, all for a space where you, your kids or pets can play or socialize without worrying about damaging some exotic imported plant. We have innovative designers and a real passion for creating functional landscape layouts that will enhance your home’s beauty and be a good ft for your lifestyle.

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