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Are you looking for a professional landscaping company? Do you want to make your home landscape pleasing to the eyes? Are you bored with your current landscape setup? Austin Landscaping Pros have provided landscaping services for residential and commercial customers for years and understand every aspect of landscaping.

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We know what it takes to create the right Austin landscape that looks beautiful and is functional. Contact us to get started!

Designing your yard is a big undertaking and could be challenging. You might be overwhelmed by the different plants, flowers, natural features, and styles of landscaping that you have to choose from. We’ll give you some tips on transforming your outdoor space to create the yard you’ve always dreamed of.

Landscaping Services

Our Austin native landscaping designers will consult with you every step to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want and need. That kind of professionalism helps ensure that we build residential projects based on plans and that everyone understands the expectations. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our landscaping services in Austin or how we can help you achieve a beautiful yard!

We know what it takes to create the right Austin landscape that looks beautiful and is functional. Contact us to get started!

Professional Residential Landscaping Company

If you want to get your property looking its best this season, our team of landscaping designers is here to help you with your Austin landscaping project. We know what kinds of native plants will work well together in various settings and how to create a cohesive design that will be beautiful now and for years to come.

Austin Landscaping Pros are always ready to provide high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful landscapes. Our company has been working in this field for many years now and has a lot of experience in general maintenance. We understand that every client has different requirements and preferences, so we work according to them.

Central Texas Native Plants

Native plants are a great option for Austin yards of any size. They’re beautiful, varied, and often require less water than their non-native counterparts. However, if you plan on going native, keep in mind your state’s laws surrounding the use of plants like pecan trees (which can be invasive).

We have an entire plant palette, including xeriscape plants, native perennials, evergreens, cactus and succulents, and other drought-tolerant species. We’ll sit down with you to get creative ideas and draw up a landscape design that suits your preference and budget.

Lawn Maintenance

Depending on what type of landscape maintenance is required, hiring someone who has experience with lawn care is a great idea. This includes lawn mowing, debris removal, trimming shrubs if they are overgrown, mowing if there is too much grass, and removing the leaves and grass after gardening.

Water Features

Do you plan to install a custom water feature for your Austin, tx home? Water features are a stylish way to spruce up your outdoor living. A modern organic design creates an instant focal point, whether it’s just a bubbling fountain or a pond.